A new MOF at Terre Blanche!

Claire Dupleix, Assistant Reception Manager at Terre Blanche, has officially been awarded the title of “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” in the Receptionist category.



Unique candidate receiving this award, Claire was recognized for her complete and innovating project, including a renovation plan taking into account not only the quality of work conditions for employees but also the impact of the implementation on the customer relationship, without forgetting the environmental dimension.

The final of the first MOF Reception competition was held at the Hotel Meurice in Paris on 7 and 8 February, with a total of nine candidates.



On the first day, candidates were judged on a technical test focused on meeting conduct. The next day they had to present their masterpiece on the theme: "excellence in customer relationship and quality of work conditions: the hotel lobby."



The jury, chaired by Michel Fernet, Vice President of the club of leaders of international and prestige hospitality, was to judge the quality of the candidate through three criteria: visualization of the proposed project, the quality of the presentation made in French and English and the quality of the answers to the jury’s questions.


Each candidate presented amazing creativity with innovative, high-tech and ergonomic projects (performance model, 3D presentation ...)

A great distinction for Claire and Terre Blanche...


(source: www.lhotellerie-restauration.fr)