BIOMECASWING : a unique optimization program in Europe

Terre Blanche, a European Tour Destination that was voted Europe’s Best Golf Hotel 2014 at the World Golf Awards, has launched new Biomecaswing packages, which offer tailor-made swing analysis to work on improving golfer’s strengths and counter weaknesses.



In addition to its two stunning courses Terre Blanche offers a one of a kind Albatros Golf Performance Centre, complete with a Leadbetter Academy and Biomecaswing Centre.



Headed by Jean-Jacques Rivet, the Biomecaswing Centre offers technical training with detailed video analysis of golf swing and putting style to aid view and perfect a golfer’s game. Terre Blanche offers the highest standard of golfing education and was awarded with the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI) in 2004; the first ever resort centre to have received the status.



With 10 years of experience in biomechanical analysis, Jean-Jacques Rivet partnered with David Leadbetter to apply his scientific knowledge to the golfing world and to explore new directions in the analysis and evolution of the golf swing.

The Biomecaswing methodology follows a scientific and analytical protocol, which facilitates the immediate detection of postural imbalances affecting the golf swing, and presents corrective solutions from the very first session.



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